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Get more reps with Lax KC

Our Mission.

Our goal is to provide repetition based options along with small sided game play and workouts for players in the local Kansas City area to get more reps throughout the year. We will never force parents into year long commitments as we believe freedom to play multiple sports is extremely important to developing athletes, especially from K to 8th grade.

"You don't have to spend thousands of dollars per year to be the best in your sport.  It's all about a player's internal drive to get better and the amount of work (repetitions) they put in on their own time."



About Tim Block

Tim grew up in the state of Michigan and played lacrosse as an attackman and midfielder for 4 years at DeLaSalle Collegiate High School ending his high school career with an appearance in the 1992 Michigan High School Lacrosse All-Star game after his senior year.  He went on to play as a faceoff specialist and midfielder at the United States Military Academy at West Point and was also an assistant coach for Army’s junior varsity team.

Tim continued to play lacrosse as a member of the Kansas State University club team in 1997/1998 and now is the “old man” playing for the Moose in the local Kansas City men’s lacrosse league as well as the Navy Old Goats in the yearly Vail Lacrosse Shootout.

Along with playing, Tim is heavily involved in the local lacrosse community with the United Lacrosse Association, a 501c3 non profit boys and girls club providing opportunities to kids throughout southeast Kansas City.  Tim has also worked as President of the local Kansas City Youth Lacrosse League (boys – KCYLL) and is currently the head coach of the United Lacrosse high school program within the Lacrosse Association of Kansas City (LAKC).

Tim has a great passion for the sport and is always trying to assist clubs and high schools in their attempts to grow player numbers as well as increase knowledge of fundamentals and team lacrosse.  While there are many options for off-season lacrosse activities such as travel teams or 10v10 leagues, we want to provide an environment focusing on high repetition fundamentals and basic team concepts.  More reps are required for players to truly increase their skill level, whether that be individual daily wall ball routines, small group station based drills, or small sided lacrosse games focused on fast stick skills.

Even though this business is not a 501c3, please feel free to support this mission by donating or sponsoring an activity or facility item.


Typical Activities Offered

Beginner Leagues

In order to help players try the sport, we will host beginner leagues. We may offer no equipment and full equipment options based on demand. These beginner leagues will typically be run in various centralized areas to provide more convenience to parents. Leagues will be separated by age divisions and entail a 1 hour practice during the week with a 1 hour practice/scrimmage session on Saturdays.

Morning Workouts

Morning workouts will consist of agility and speed drills as well as individual lacrosse skills such as passing/catching, shooting, and ground balls.  Each workout will last approximately 1 hour.  See our registration page for various offerings that might fit your schedule. Players can sign up for 1 or multiple sessions.

 Open Gym

We will typically have small fields setup for 3v3 or 4v4 play as well as an area setup with goals for players to shoot, pass/catch, face-off, etc. We recommend players register with friends for a better experience...5 to 7 for small sided game play or at least 1 friend to pass and catch with. This is open gym time.  We will not be running any organized drills or setting up play for any specific groups. Come out and get your own reps in and just "PLAY".

 3v3 up to 7v7 Small Sided Games and Box Lacrosse

Small sided games help players get game like repetitions in a small sided setting.  The goal is to maximize touches for all players.  There will be no body checking in our small sided games, only legal holds and pushes.  These games will be player led.  There will be no face-offs and possessions will alternate after each goal with player starting with the ball from the end line.  Small goals will be used with shot blocker/targets attached.  The focus of small sideded is to play fast and practice the basic principles of offense/defense.

 Draw Days

All face-off specialists, and anyone wanting to learn how to face-off are welcome.  Draw days will consist of a face-off style workout, instruction on various techniques and counters, live round robins, and mini face-off tournaments. Players are encouraged to register with a friend to ensure they can work with another player of similar skill during partner related drills.


Clinics will focus on a specific area of the game from individual skills to team concepts.  For example, one clinic might focus on shooting while another may focus on offensive movement or individual defensive positioning/approach/recovery.  Clinic duration will vary from an hour to full days.


Camps are designed to provide players with extended time lacrosse activities during breaks from school such as summer, winter, and spring.  Camps will focus on a mixture of field time, possible video breakdown, and chalk talk.  During extended time camps, we will work on a variety of things from agility and speed workouts to individual skill drills, to team concepts.


Skills Training

MORE REPS! Sure challenging competition can be nice during the off-season, but repetitions are king when it comes to building skills.  When in doubt, get more reps.  We will offer a range of activities ranging from workouts, to shooting clinics, to Faceoff sessions, to small sided game play to camp and clinics, and more.


Video Breakdown

A portion of our extended time day camps and clinics will be spent watching video that reinforces the skills that we are working on.  For example, one video may show the difference in using slap checks vs lift checks when trailing an offensive player.  Another video may show what happens when adjacent players don’t clear for a ball carrier.


Leadership and integrity

Although we want to keep our reps high and talking to a minimum, we will provide some discussion on concepts of leadership, integrity, and hard work as part of our extended day camps and clinics.  It is our duty to show our local players how to play the game the right way. Aggressive competition does not have to include poor sportsmanship or lack of integrity on the field.

Contact Us

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